Johnny buys his first suit

Buying his first suit is a milestone for any guy. It starts with his first words, his first walk, his first cuss word, first cigarette, first wank, first kiss, first job, and then a slew of other firsts.

Buying your first suit is different from wearing your first suit. Before, it was my mom who helped me get dapper on occassion. Now I'm suiting it up by myself. I just bought my first suit and nothing says "I'm getting older" any louder. Especially since I'll be a 26 year-old faerie in a few days.

Single button narrow lapel in black. Ambakla ng necktie ko, lavander! Work it, Johnny you biatch!

I've always had trouble getting suits off the rack. Those euro brands don't fit me too well -- those that fit my body well are too narrow on the shoulders, and those that fit my shoulders are too long and loose on the rest of my body. I asked how much getting bespoke would cost and it would be around 10,500 pesos at the cheapest. Hell no. Then I passed by the Onesimus outlet store and there I found it. My first suit.

It makes me feel like a porn star. Teehee!

6 coumouents:

Herbs D. said...

omg. m@p porn stars are just. well, orgasmic. *wets himself*

looks good on you, and yes, the lavender neckie-i love.

Tristan Tan said...

Congratulations. I bought my first suit last year for my job interview. Needless to say, it was a wise investment.

By the way, that suits fits you like a glove. Say hi to your sidekick for me, please. ;)

imsonotconio said...

i love menatplay as in!

rudeboy said...

Congratulations, Cursive.

I love suits. If only Manila's hellish climate was more...ahhh...suited for them.

AC said...

awwww... :) where did you use that? :)

Johnny Cursive said...

AC: used it for my cousin's debut. And then for so many other people who are getting married waah