Cleavage Leverage

Meself, sidekick, and my good friend K were sauntering in the mall in peace when some lady caught my eye. I became an instant fan. Her cleavage was exquisite; never seen anything like it.

The husband is lucky to have options.

Victor Invades my Gym

I hit the gym a few blocks away from my office building and I always end up working out alongside commercially good-looking boys – JC de Vera, Jake Cuenca, and 27 of their clones. I am so used to it and I’ve gotten so immune that sometimes it feels like I’m becoming straight. Yeah, right. Ulol.

Anyway I’ve been working out absolutely undisturbed and then Victor Basa barges in the gym and then BAM! I’m star struck. I should have someone take a picture of us to get it over with. Gosh I’m such a fan.


Just got a message today from a friend. Looks like one of my arrangements will be used for a concert. Very cool!

Failing Forward and Tooth

The month of March at the office was, for lack of better word, a magnificent cunt. It was so bad that I could only truly write a coherent sentence about it now that the dust has settled and I could just smile at my boss’ shortcomings as well as my own. It’s May now, and it took a month to completely pick myself up, distance myself from the rubble and just take it all in without getting pissed. At least I got a new boss now.

I think it was somewhere in John Maxwell’s tomes where it was said that there are several hundred ways of becoming a winner, but only one way of truly defining a loser—that is to fail and not be able to look past that failure. Failing forward is what needs to be done, they say. See failure as an opportunity. Not an easy task. You can fail forward later. Sometimes you just have to cuss and shoot someone first. I just allowed myself to feel absofuckinlutely fucked up as natural; can’t deny me that.

Can’t wallow in shit for too long because it becomes a perpetuating downward spiral into depression if you get too invested. Can’t be completely alright and happy-perky as soon as the next day because then you’d just be a crazy dude in denial and perhaps a little bit annoying. So give it two weeks.

And now I’m in a very happy place! That’s because I have had my stupid wisdom tooth extracted. I was blaming other things for being grumpy and less than functional at work, but all the while it was just that one tooth that kept throbbing. For the past couple of months I felt like I was getting ear-fucked every other hour like horny clockwork. I completed an EENT checkup and X-ray; no cock found. All the while it was just that one stupid tooth. I even blamed it on a different tooth too! Almost had a root canal completed for the wrong tooth. That one stupid tooth is gone now nd I’m happy as a baby sucking on a tit. Or a faerie on a...
…Cockfighting is so bloody I can’t seem to stand to stand it. Geez I saw a real live cockfight and suddenly I lost my appetite for chicken for the week.