Derek Ramsey's used jeans are up for auction

I have been on a hiatus from this blog for a while. I've been tremendously busy the past couple of months for a few reasons:
  • I volunteered to transfer to a different department in the same position while being interviewed for promotions which I haven't gotten yet.
  • I've just started an online store selling protein shakes and made a website too. Boy does that take a while to get off the ground.
  • I've been spending a lot more time with my HS friends which is always a good thing.
  • And a host of other things.

Since I've began online store, I've been on Ebay quite a lot and found that Derek Ramsey's used jeans are for auction, among other celebrity items, for charity. I'm sure those jeans have been washed already, for those who might be a little stalker-ish. I'm not a big fan of the dude, but like Jude Law, I am his twin who is less attractive less famous. Charot lang!

As of 12:53PM today the highest bid is 800 bucks. Bidding ends in 4 days. Oxygen ain't my style but it is for a good cause. Link to the auction here.

They are also selling Manny Pacquio's autographed used boxing robe (highest bid as of this time is around 5k pesos), but I'm not sure how that will sell to the baklitas. I definitely wish that Manny's robe has been washed and boiled before it was auctioned. But if Derek's jeans haven't been washed, they might fetch a higher price, lolz.