No girls

Today I decided I'll add a few words to my blog. I suspect I'll end up editing a lot; it's difficult enough to write an entry using a smartphone let alone have a semblance of coherence in a stream of consciousness type of writing.


Apparently I have smitten some girls at the office, according to witnesses who stayed and heard some elevator gossip after I went down the 10th floor. I don't know if it's my necktie, my feeble wispy attempts at a mustache or the irresistable musk of closet homosexuality. That always seems to attract the wrong gender. Nonetheless, it kinda felt good. I have spent an extra 10 minutes prepping for Monday workday after all. And I'm still glowingly hung over from my boyfriend's 10-day visit; he's already returned to Singapore last night. 

No, ladies. I will not eat cunt. It will never happen. I will, however, help you shape your eyebrows, Lily Collins style.