On My Bedside Table

I am currently reading the Drizzt Do'Urden saga. Idol ko na talaga si Drizzt.

I've just started on book 4 of the 10-episode series, which is also the first book of the Icewind Dale trilogy. This title has been around for a while now and I know it's a classic. It's RA Salvatore's best work. It's also the first time I'm using the iPad for literary consumption and I am loving it. Sure, I don't get to physically flip through the pages, feel the texture of the pages or smell the ink, but I'm able to read clearly at any angle I choose, anywhere I choose. And it's easy to download books online for free. Pucha sa series palang, at 400 pesos per book, I've already saved 4 thousand pesos. By the third quarter of 2011 my savings on books will have helped the gadget pay for itself.

Tapos madali pa magbitbit ng porno kahit saan lolz.

Sobrang dork ko na talaga sa mga ganitong libro. Next halloween I'll make sure to pick up the navy blue body paint and dress up as a drow elf. Ang sexy siguro nun.

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Momel said...

Total nerd. I so love it! And I, for one, will never let go of my hard and softbounds. Like you said, its the smell of those pages wafting on my nose that totally turns me on.

I did a google image search on Drow Elves, and yes, these evil looking sons of bitches are kinky.

Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

Mike said...

wow! naka-iPad ka na!

kelan ko na mahihiram yung neil gaimans mo? hehe.

Johnny Cursive said...

@Momelia: Namimiss ko na nga ehh.. pero di ako bibili ng bagong book siguro until April when Kingkiller Chronicles book 2 comes out. For the meantime, uubusin ko na muna ung mga dinownload kong ebooks :P

@Mike: Uu D ko na nga mabitawan tong iPad na to. Trade nga ng neil gaiman, ung Anansi Boys mo a gaiman :P