Johnny Cursive's Wish List

I almost forgot--I have a blog! I shouldn't stop blogging. I've been very busy but I gotta document some stuff from the past couple of weeks so I have something to reread someday.

I got myself an iPad that hasn't left my hands at all. It's perfect for voracious readers. I may have spent around 20K on books the past two or three years but I could have just downloaded them off the internet. How I'll miss the smell of freshly cut paper from brand new novels. I love this gizmo and everything else about it -- the games, the apps, the coolness. I already ticked that off from the list. Next on my list will be an iPhone 4 but that's for next year. HD camera with flash and HD video and plenty of other good stuff in one device? I want. Pero putangina ang mahal. Next year nalang pag mas mura na.

I've been dancing the past few weeks too and it felt great. I like hiphop, tutting and pop and locking. I cannot spin on my head, but I could spin in triple pirouettes ending with a derriere attitude jump like how a man should do it. I credit that to a couple of years in martial arts and a mandatory dance training in high school. I'm heading back to the gym to gain back some of the weight I lost from all the cardio. I probably won't dance like that again until next year. Next item on the wish: a really cool dance gig.

Sidekick and I turned 1 year! It's been an amazing year for the two of us. And it doesn't even feel like we've been together for a year already. Seems like we've only been together for weeks. We have made each other much better individuals like what relationships should do. Next item on the wish: for it to just get better :-)

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Momel said...

Apir tayo sa smell of paper as you trickle those pages an inch away from your nose. I couldn't have cared less about the other items that you mentioned. I'm not into gadgets, I'm not into dancing, and we broke up a five year relationship. Siyeett! Wahaha, but life goes on and we all wish you the best!

Jaytee said...

damn those gadgets haha. hindi ko rin mpgsabay bilhin lahat ng gusto ko.

props for the hiphop. Those moves are hard. I bet u can do more than tick-tick-tick, tick-tick-tick haha

more anniv for you and your sidekick.

john stanley said...

congratulations on your apple purchase! i swear, pinupuyat ako ng ipad na 'yan, haha!

sign up at if you're not yet a member. you'll learn a lot.

and congrats to you and sidekick as well!

Johnny Cursive said...

@ Momel: Diba?! Nakakaadik yang amoy ng fresh paper and ink. Ung nagwawaft sa ilong mo when you tear off the plastic cover. That's why I never buy a book that doesn't have a cling wrap on :P

@ Jaytee: Eh kasi naman sabay sabay naglalabasan lahat eh. Nagmura ang mga flatscreen TV, lumabas ang iPhone4, etc etc. Thanks thanks :P

@ John Stan: Korekted by. Unlike kasi sa laptop, dehins mo na kelangan magboot ng pc para maginternet o maglaro o magbasa ng kung ano ano. I'll take a look at philmug right now :P Thanks Stan!

jc said...

few weeks back, i had the dilemma of getting myself an iPad or an iPhone4. but for someone who loves to read, the no-brainer choice would be the iPad. congrats on the new gadget! i myself have drooled over the sight of an iPad. hahaha. for now, enjoy ko na lang ang iphone4 ko. hihi.

kakainggit. tagal ko na di nasayaw hmpf. pakita na ang moves sa engkantadiya! haha!

Yj said...

yun yon oh....

buti naman at naalala mo ang tahanang mong ito...

happy 1st sa inyo... yaiy

Eternal Wanderer... said...

and to think the kambal of your sidekick and i made a bet whether it'll two or thee weeks :P

*hugs to you and hb*

Mu[g]en said...


Me kakambal ang utol ko? Bat hindi ko alam yan?


Congratulations! Now I'm beginning to understand what my utol tried to convey in all the times we spoke about you.

soltero said...

like ko yang 1 year na kau ni sidekick mo...sarap namannnn..

haysst, ako nga ang iphone ko 3GS pa rin eh ahahhha...:P


hondafanboi said...

me too. pa hit na din sa non-existent LIKE button on your anniv with sidekick. PAK! at wishing well honeywell na kayo'y tumagal pa. one year for every inch ng notes nyo, total. so the longer. the better. bwahahaha.

oh... me and my naughty thoughts. should lilly, lilly stop now. bwahahaha.

WV: mairtha (twin daw ni mareng martha stewart)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Muge: tanungin mo na lang sa utol mo kung sino ang kambal nya :D

Johnny Cursive said...

JC: I'll trade you my dance moves for an iphone4 :P

YJ, Ternie and Mugen: Maraming thanks! Many Salamat ;D

Soltero: Like ko rin! Haha sige padala mo na dito sa pinas yang 3GS mo :P

Honda: Loka ka. Haha thanks ;P

letopho said...

im jealous of your iPad!