Pickup Truck and Pickup Lines

I'm an avid reader of Askmen.com and one of the features today was the week's pickup line:

"You know how some men buy really expensive cars to make up for certain shortages? Well, I don't even own a car."

I love it. I don't own a car. Family cars don't count. link: Johnny Cursive can't drive


I'm looking for a car to replace our '97 Toyota Hilux. It's only parked for most of the week and it's only taken out on Thursdays when it's coding, or when we have to go to the farm. But I don't wanna drive it around the city because it's a manual transmission and I've no more time and patience to learn the stick shift. And it's humongous. I'd prefer to drive something tiny, like a cute compact or hatchback. I can't though; the mother won't sell the truck and give me the proceeds to add to a new car unless I use it to buy another truck or something that serves the same purpose. So I'm looking for something that can be taken to the farm and carry coconuts and at the same time be good enough to take around the city. I can't believe my first car would likely be a monster truck.

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john stanley said...

a nissan navarra or mitsubishi strada may serve those purposes.

Anonymous said...

me thinks a suz jimny. it's 4x4 so farm-friendly and small enough for the city, i guess. i would take it for myself. lolz.

P I L Y O said...

ok lang yun noh ka bah!

may car naman si sidekick, at magaling sya mag drive !

Momel said...

What's a car post doing in a gay blog? I'm just asking because I don't do cars, not touching them, not even with a ten foot dipstick.

Yj said...

kuya gow ka sa masarap hawakan ang kambyo! hihihihi

Johnny Cursive said...

@ john and honda: thanks guys, i'll research about those :)

@ pilyo: ngek! kahit na, para minsan pwedeng ako naman ung magdrive. tska kakatamad magtaxi araw araw

@ Momel: Lol sorry haha. I didn't mean for it to be a car post. Natuwa lang ako sa pickup line and then the entry branched out nalang. Ok lang yan pwede namang gawing pink ung carburetor

@ YJ: haha fede rin

dark_knight said...

papa johnny cursive, mag pedicab ka naman,, ^_^