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I'm almost done with Passage to Dawn, the 10th and book of the Legend of Drizzt and I almost got sad that I'm about to leave this world that I escape into every night. I thought this was the last book of the series, but then I researched online and it turns out there's at least another 10 more books on Drizzt that I could devour. It made me a very happy geek.

Drizzt is a dark elf and he's my idol. Also, I'm crushing on his friend Wulfgar:

He's the sexiest barbarian in the world. Scandinavian swashbuckling beauty; he reminds me of Pavel Novotny.

It's the 10th book I've read on my iPad and reading from the device has been a pleasure -- I don't need to find the best lighting, I could take my library anywhere, I don't have to worry about lost bookmarks, and I honestly found that I've been reading more than I used to. But like I always say, nothing beats the smell of ink and freshly cut paper. I can definitely see myself purchasing the actual books eventually for posterity. A person's bookshelf can say a lot about a person, and I would like to have a bookshelf with items I've read. Pity if most I've read are softcopies downloaded from torrent for free.

I'm wondering if I should take a break from his world and try reading a different one. I could read Anansi Boys. I could also wait for the release of The Wise Man's Fear in March which I've been waiting for since 2008:

I could take a break from reading downloaded material and grab a hardbound copy of Patrick Rothfuss' second novel. Some books are worth the purchase. I called Fully Booked today and they confirmed that they've already placed orders on the book. I should be able to get a copy next month. My sidekick gave me a Fully Booked gift card last Christmas and I'll definitely use it on this book. I am super excited. None of my friends (except for my lady friend who's also into these books) could relate to my excitement. But that's fine; true luxury happens when something of quality is enjoyed personally and not overtly--like the silken lining of a fine suit, a private island, or a good book.

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Momel said...

I prefer my books the way old fashioned people prefer them -- bound. But damn, that barbarian's giving me a whole heaven of ideas.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

see, i told you it's VERY convenient to put books in devices :D

Mike said...

i really enjoy reading in an iPad. nothing beats the convenience it gives every turn of the page. Where do you buy your ebooks?

Sean said...

i also wanted to ask mike's question. can't really download via itunes as i don't have a us credit card. you mentioned torrents?

Clarence said...

huh? eh parang magsing-sexy lang kau ni wulfar ah ;)

Johnny Cursive said...

@Momelita: Kaya nga this is what I'll do: I'll read the book first, and if I love it, then I'll buy the real thing. Dami na rin kasi ako nasayang on half-read books kasi di ko nagustuhan :P

@ternie: Oo nga eh! oy pagpunta ko sa inyo next time lagay ko ung mga xmen comics mo sa flashdrive ha! heeheee! :D

@mike & shawn: Oh I don't ever purchase ebooks (yet) hehehe. I just download them for free using BitTorrent. I download the pdf files or if a different file type is available, I just convert them to pdf in a software. Then I drag and drop the files into iBooks via iTunes :)

@Clarence: Waaaaaaahhhh!!! WISH KO LANG hahaha. Nabilaukan naman ako sa sarili kong tonsil bigla dahil sa sinabi mo. malayu-layo pa ang tatahakin ko bago ako maging ganun. Tska 7-footer si Wulfgar :P

Clarence said...

weh, fishing ka!!! ska tonsils ba talaga yan? lolz

7-footer man sya..

7-inches ka naman ahahaha

the geek said...

it was love at first sight when i first saw pavel novotny.

and that was years and years ago. i miss him.

Mike said...

can you send them through my email? haha! i don't have time to download. please. LOL! :p

Sean said...

hey thanks for the tip, johnny. will try to download some e-books that way.

skin rejuvenation said...


I prefer the books the way old fashioned people prefer them bound. which are giving me a whole heaven of idea..

Thanks ..

skin rejuvenation said...


t was love at first sight when i first saw pavel novotny.