The Ex, K's Reprise, and Johnny's Whoremongering

I hung out with my sidekick and my ex a couple of weeks ago and talked over gelato and coffee. We had fun, in general. I wore a plain navy blue shirt and navy blue baseball cap that day. Thank heavens I left my cap in sidekick’s car because upon meeting my ex, he was wearing a similar plain navy blue shirt and matching navy blue baseball cap. On top of the matching outfits, there was a lot of catching up and with generous exchanges of hearty chuckles. To have had his current boyfriend accidentally wear the exact same shirt and cap as his ex, my sidekick was graceful under the circumstances. He got a little jealous, but that’s normal I guess.

My ex is now one of my closest buddies. Ours was the case of people being exponentially better as friends. We’ve been better friends and much better individuals after we broke up. We’re laughing now, so that’s good. The guy couldn’t make me laugh when we were together. He tried harder, and that made me angrier. That irony, at least, was funny.


My good friend K has just had his 2nd isang linggong pag-ibig (link: the first). This time, it was with a very good-looking 20-something year-old professor-- Handsome, statuesque, smart and articulate. Prof and K got my blessing right away. However, Prof was clingier than pizza grease. A couple of weeks ago I got an SMS from K:

“Ninang, kami na ni Prof. Pero di pa ako nag-iiloveyou.”
“How the hell was that possible? Isn’t that one of the deal requirements?”
“Eh ganun eh.”

Next thing I know, Prof was telling me about K breaking up with him, and how it has shattered his heart into a million pieces that slipped through his fingers like the sands of time. A tad dramatic, but it's V-day season so it's excusable.

Poor K got traumatized by the first one so obviously he was being cautious. I gotta admit though, Prof had a talent for smothering. Artists like myself and K don’t take into getting fettered too well. That, and apparently Prof also doesn’t drink. But that’s more of my issue than it is K’s. I refuse to understand it. Being without beer or tequila is preposterous.


I feel compelled to play cupid or pimp or a mixture of the two plus a dash of whoremonger.

K is a consummate visual artist and illustrator with an excellent portfolio. He’s smart, articulate and quick to laugh. My ninang is a pleasure to have around. He looks good too, of course—a rugged and mysterious moreno flavor who can wield a Gambit je ne sais quois (link: Gambit Effect). He’s from QC. He is turned off by those who express their love after less than a week.

Ex is also an artist. This one’s from Makati CBD. He’s a singer-songwriter (we were in a band together) with a day job he loves and has had a few gigs in film, commercials and print ads. So that means he’s good-looking—a buff mestizo flavor. He’s smart and writes well (he used to write some of my essays for college that got me an A). He texted me last night and asked me to find him a good date who’s just as special as my sidekick. I told him that’d be a major challenge. He's also not much into quick fallers.

I would pimp Mr. Prof too, but he’s still nursing a heart that's shattered into a million pieces slipping through his fingers like the sands of time. I reckon it's gonna take him a while to get that fixed.

Ex and K have not met yet, and that would be interesting if they did. I am worried that those two artists could be the formula for gunpowder so I don’t completely recommend it. It could be fabulous pyrolympics material, or the imploding kind that disintegrates your fingers. Either way, I’m hoping to be able to help find them their respective inspirations at the very least.

15 coumouents:

wanderingcommuter said...

naku naman, ano pa ba ang talent mo??? ang talented mo naman!!!

ang complicated naman ng mga friends mo... hehehe!

Manech said...

By the sound of it, you (and friends) can make your own reality show.


bunwich said...

andami mo palang pwdeng gawin... ang umiyak sa patay kaya? peace!

Galen said...

Why do they get to have an isang linggong pag-ibig, at least, while I'm just as good a night's stand?

anteros' dominion said...


Johnny Cursive said...

@ wanderingcommuter and bunwich: Kumakain din ako ng apoy, blade at bubog. Hekhekhek.

@ Manech: Oh jeez that's probably true! But then, that means we'd all come out of the closet. no can do =S

@ Galen: i-whoremonger na rin kaya kita ill be your mamasan. pero bawal na one nighter, minimum 1 week sayo hekhek

@ anteros: *wink + smirk*

PILYO said...

medyo nalito ako, kelangan ko pang i-digest kung sinu-sino sila at kung anik-anik ang naging papel nila sa buhay mo hehehe, pero one thing for sure...

kelangang mag meet si Ex at K. Malay mo maging sila !


PS. may pagkapokpok pala si K, pero honestly may pagka-hot sya hehehe, ayaw lang ni Papa Joms ng hair nya hahahahah.

nambuburaot lang. CHEERS ! pa-kiss kay sidekick, mwahhhhhh!

Johnny Cursive said...

LOL mga buraot talaga kayong mga enkanto hahaha! BTW, mejo clean cut na si K. Hindi na long hair yung ninang ko =)

Von_Draye said...

My good friend K has just had his 2nd isang linggong pag-ibig

LOL, I was able to relate to that.
with matching "Can I take my I Love you back?"

Galen said...


At bakit naman ako nagkaroon ng kinalaman kay K? You know naman na I try not to make landi to my friends' friends diba?

Johnny Cursive:

May friend ako, dalawang beses na ako inintroduce sa mga friends niya. Yung isa, hindi umabot sa one-nighter, yung isa naman, naka two-nighter pero nung nilaglag ni Pilyo at tinawag na exotic, nawalan ako ng gana. So probably, baka magkasisihan lang tayo pag naging mamasan kita. Hahaha.

Darc Diarist said...

melrose place! ahehe

PILYO said...

Papa Joms: eh di ba sabi ko nga cute sya, pero sabi mo di mo trip ang buhok. Ngayong clean cute na pala sya este clean cut na, imadyinin mo ang itsura nya.

Johnny Cursive: May dugong engkanto nang dumadaloy sa dugo mo kasi kinagat ka na sa leeg ni....tooot! hehehe.

syangapala, katuwaan lang, sama mo si K, tas pagtabihin natin sila ni Papa Joms. Bwahahahaha.

joelmcvie said...

You should have taken a picture of sidekick, you and ex with the matching outfits.

Hey, tell your sidekick that you and he should drop by my place sometime for beer and chitchat! And he still owes me toothpaste, LOL.

Word verification: disser (?!)

paci said...

salitang inuulit: sanga-sanga. hehehe! =)

Johnny Cursive said...

@ vondraye: oh no you didn't! Didja really say that? Snap! LOL

@ Galen: Eh buraot talaga si Pilyo di na magbabago yan hahaha

@ Pilyo: nakita na ni papa joms ang bagong clean cut na ninang K!

@ McVie: So long as there's beer, i'm there! =D

@ paci: sanga-sanga minsan, pero mas madalas syunga-syunga. hekhek