The Case of the Gym Shoe Thief

I had an excellent workout today. I've been using the Men's Health Iphone Application which has been superb. It's like having a personal trainer but I get to exercise in solitude. It makes me confident to use some exotic routines that I would have otherwise shunned for the basic exercises.

After an hour and a half, as I was getting dressed after a nice warm shower, some barefoot dude was standing looking absolutely troubled. He was talking to the guard and the janitor about the disadvantage of not having slippers sold at the gym. The poor guy had his shoes stolen and couldn't go home.  He left his pair on the floor as he was showering and then *poof*. Who knows how long he's been in the locker room; I left 15 minutes before the gym would close down and he was still there. Probably waiting for the other people to open their lockers so the guards can check, or probably waiting for a friend to rescue him. He should have kept his shoes in the locker. Or had a smellier pair.

The janitor mentioned an American guy who lost his brand new 6K-peso pair of gym shoes just a week ago. Damn it, this gym has been infiltrated by a thief with a shoe fetish.

The gym is Fitness First RSC. It's my least favorite of all the branches -- it's a bit dingy and it smells funky. I don't always go there and apparently I get to add another reason why. I'm already careful but I'll be extra cautious next time; I need my shoes.

I like to stick to my home branch -- it smells nicer, people don't blatantly check other people out, and it's a lot more comfortable. I've also seen stuff lying around that nobody steals. But then again, you really should know why a locker is called a locker in the first place.

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rudeboy said...

People actually leave their shoes out in the locker room?

Poor, trusting souls.

Anonymous said...

Lost a leather shoes at FF abs a few years back. Just took a shower when I came back my shoes is gone. Good thing I still have my gym shoes with me.

Mu[g]en said...

Lesson learned: Only wear dingy shoes at the gym.


Lipat ka na lang sa amin! I can leave my phone and still be assured it will be on the same spot where I left it when I return. Lolz.

soltero said...

hmmm shoes? super nice & expensive cguro..i wouldn't be surprised kung underwear ung nanakaw bwahahha (at ako ung thief nun lol):P

he could have driven home barefoot kung meron syang car, o kaya magpa uso na nakatapak sa bus ehehe :P

andrew said...

someone i met up before told me he lost his new undies at one FF branch. He hang it just outside his shower stall, and when he tried to reach for it after bathing, it did a david copperfield.

Ronnie said...

Weird mga tao, kung ano-ano kinukuha sa gym. Haha

Fickle Cattle said...

I think the absolute worst FF is the one in ABS. Their steam room smells like some just peed in it.

Johnny Cursive said...

rudeboy: or they're just forgetful. Shoes are as indispensible as cellphones! jeez. Haha.

Anonymous: So sorry for your loss. I would've freaked if my leather shoes got stolen.

Mugen: Hanlayo ng gym mow! Mahirap dayuhin!

Mugen: Underwear thief! I have an experience with one. Haha. Sigh poor guy.. ang hirap nun ah, wlang shoes.

Ronnie: weird and pathetic

Fickle: ay pota kadire. Syempre masisinghot mo lahat un at derecho sa utak mo yak

Knoxxy said...

Thats a cool app!!