One packed weekend: Zara crazara, Enkantos and Angelina Jolie


My friend K told me that Zara was on a crazy sale where the jackets were 1.6k, the trousers were 895 and some nice stuff at less than 500 bucks. I left work early so i can get some dibs on what's left on the racks. It was just like buying stuff from Bench and in all good timing -- I was poised to purchase trousers for work anyway. That's because I got a hosting gig in a couple of weeks. Also, I'm stymied by at least 7 slacks that I couldn't wear anymore, thanks to an inch of gut that came out of nowhere. Wearing them felt like fitting my waist into a closed pistachio. For the amount I'd pay for a regular-priced jacket, I walked away with 3 pairs of trousers for work, a suit jacket (that went down to 1.6K from 9K) and an excellent LBBD -- the little black button down shirt that every dude needs. All the while I was careful about making sure I got stuff that still made me look like a straight guy. First question I asked K and sidekick whenever I checked something out was, "Mukha ba kong bakla pag suot ko to?" I just needed clothes that fit well, sans the frill. Meanwhile, K was checking out cute customers and asking me, "Bakla rin kaya yun? Ang kyot pota!"

After sidekick left us so I can take a work call in the mall while he went home to rest, I hung out with K so I can wing for him in his EB with what he called a cute yuppie who turned out to be a twink that wasn't his type. All I needed to do was be there looking pissed to help him escape. Last week I almost winged for his meetup with a pair of guys who post-coitusly revealed themselves to him as:

K: "Homaygad d 2 guys I slpt with? They told me theyr cousins! And they fcked each othr! What the hell!"
Me: "Fumefetish ka nanaman ah."
K: "I know, right? Sana man lang sinabi nila sakin bago kami nagseks para mas effective! Mga bruhang yon."


I hung out with sidekick in the morning and went to Divisoria. He finds Manila very charming and his adjective for it is "organic." Ternie translates that as messy and dirty, that sweetheart. We bought a few yards so he can have a few shirts tailored. I was hoping to find a good purchase but I didn't find any. I got rhinitis instead. However, I'm glad that sidekick got some really cool fabric; I'm waiting for his finished product before I dive into bespoking too.

Later in the evening, we went drinking and singing in Music21 with the enkantos. There was no shortage of beer, laughter and landi. I brought K and he was having fun with the rest. Dami may crush sa kanya dun kaya everybody happy. Sidekick and I felt free to hug and kiss the entire night which I'm sure annoyed the hell out of everyone at some point.


We rushed to meet K in Trinoma to watch Salt; he paid for the movie after ditching a movie night with us for a dude a few weeks ago. He slept the entire film though -- first is because he's seen it, and 2nd is because he's tired and came from a cock. Angelina was amazing. Sidekick says the movie is formulaic of Jolie films --with a heroine who beats up guys thrice her size while carrying a soft spot, and then concludes with a good twist in the end. I thought she was rad. I think I said "damn, girl" around 4 times during the film.

The movie was followed by a nice dinner with Jan and Ternie at the Technohub in Commonwealth. The service was crappy but Kanin Club Retaurant had yummy food. By this time I've been coughing and sniffling but I wasn't going to let that ruin the evening; it was great catching up with Jan whom I haven't seen in ages. Terni, as always, was a darling busilak and mayumi. And sidekick's always great to have around. We've been together 9 months and it's only been getting better each day.

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Anonymous said...

Sidekick and I felt free to hug and kiss the entire night which I'm sure annoyed the hell out of everyone at some point.

Siyempre taas kilay ako! Nagsunuran ba naman yung ibang mga may jowa at mag jowa-jowaan eh! Lolz


Ate Biancang Umaaura!

Johnny Cursive said...

Bwahahahaha korek ka teh. It's an honor to have you drop by, Ate Bianca :D (andun ka pala sa Music 21 akala ko hindi ka invited LOL)

PILYO said...

itinali namin ni lukayo si Bianca sa sagingan para hindi makarating dun, pero nakatakas pala at..... UMA-AURA PA, BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

nampotahng Bianca yan.. matindi talga.. super gate crasher talaga.. I just wonder kung sino talaga sinusundan niyang engkanto? bakit palaging andun siya kahit di naman siya invited..


i text lamang ang tamang sagot:

text send sa 696969 pag globe 8888 pag smart 0210 pag sun

Kuya Ng Bayan, said...

Mga tsong!! Kilala ko kung sino pinopormahan ni Bianca!

Si JC!! Si JC na mahilig mag jollibee!

Hanapan niyo ng boyprend ang binata at tiyak titigil si Bianca sa kaka-stalk senyo.

Anonymous said...

Sidekick and I felt free to hug and kiss the entire night which I'm sure annoyed the hell out of everyone at some point.

Hell NO! kung nandun ako feeling ko kakissing ko kayo ni sidekick mo bhwahahaha!!!


Johnny Cursive said...

It's only a matter of time bago may maka-bingwit kay JC. Panay ba naman ang diet. Hehe. Basta ilayo nyo lang si Biancang echosera.

Pilyo: sa susunod, ihulog nyo sa malalim na hukay tapos takpan nyo ng rehas para hindi makawala si bianca.

M: Hala!!! Hindi ko shineshare si sidekick hahaha