To Romeo's Planet and Back Again

It's been what, almost a year since I last traversed Planet Romeo. It started out at G4M -- I was playing DOTA in the internet shop a few blocks away from home when I noticed some dude browsing guys4men. After a few games trying to master Leviathan Tidehunter, I went straight home to check out the website. I was 3 years celibate at that time. My abstention ended a couple of days later.

Good enough for not just a weekend lay, but I'm not complaining if that's all I get.
-- status message from ye ol' profile from the olden times, circa 2009

Cursive's Old Profile
(and it had to be cocky as fuck, of course)

I prefer being serious with someone I really, really like. And since I do not have that right now, I am all about having fun in the interim by absence of choice. I found that it's fairly easy for me to get laid (If you're impeccably straight-acting, and if you've got a brain, a fit body, a nice face and an ample cock, you wouldn't find getting laid very difficult). With the right person I could easily fall back to my serial monogamous default. But I won't settle for anything less than what I deserve even if it takes me a long time. Nobody ever should =)

Now I do hope to meet smart guys who take good care of themselves in a non-obvious kind of way. I am a straight-living guy so I am cautious not to date guys who are out and aren't discreet.

If I had a choice, I wouldn't be gay. But we can choose what kind of gay guy we'd be and I choose to live as a secretly homosexual masculine guy. I enjoy most of what my straight buddies enjoy, and I also don't understand women very much either. I think like a straight guy minus the appetite for cunt. Respetuhan nalang mga chong.

Unnecessary facts (boring or otherwise)

Semikal Moreno, square jaw, masculine, good set of teeth, relatively fit and occasionally wears glasses to take a break from contact lenses.

Sporty Side:
Trained in martial arts for a few years (Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do) and generally athletic. I miss fighting though. I am now working out to hopefully one day look really really good naked. HAHA. I obsessed with NBA in the 90’s. I had a collection of hundreds of David Robinson cards. He was my idol because he led the Spurs whilst being ridiculously good in math, which I suck at. Up to now I’m still keeping my Grant Hill co-rookie of the year card although I felt bad that he beat Jason Kidd to the title. Anfernee + Shaq, Pippen + Jordan. Malone + Stockton. Sigh. Those were the days.

Geeky Side:
Collected Marvel Cards and X-men comic books as a kid. Reads grown-up fantasy books. Overcame an addiction to Diablo (I dread the arrival of Diablo 3) and DOTA (Kael the invoker FTW!), traded and played Magic: The Gathering. I definitely have a healthy geeky side.

Artistic Side:
Draws and paints really well with a few awards under my belt as an adolescent, had a short but successful graphic design gig, some background in music (played in a band), some dance training (classical and hip-hop).

Miscellaneous superfluous information:
I was fortunate enough to have been able to study in some of the best schools from Kinder until College. I had a traditional and conservative Catholic upbringing. I could carry myself well either in a finer cosmopolitan setting or on the sidewalk, crouching and humbly drinking beer sa kanto hanggang sa mapagsabihan na ng tanod pag masyado nang maingay. LOL.

G4M is where I met my good friend K. We are now each other's fag hags. He showed me what Malate was like, and I would't go inside the bars unless I was wearing some sort of baseball cap or a jacket's hood. I felt like Aragorn the rogue -- surveying, calculating and observing a foreign land that's also supposedly my natural habitat.

The G4M forums are where I leaned about Wensha. Then I'd go there to get a massage, eat buffet, read a book and occassionally meet boys. I met an Enkanto there--through a steamroom dance that involved glancing and looking away, catching each other's glances, a smile, and a beer offer. He introduced me to his other enkanto friends a few weeks later. I didn't know they were bloggers. Wensha Enkanto eventually introduced me to a cool guy who's now my sidekick:

I prefer being serious with someone I really, really like...With the right person I could easily fall back to my serial monogamous default. But I won't settle for anything less than what I deserve even if it takes me a long time. Nobody ever should.

PlanetRomeo is first and foremost a hook-up site. But so much good can come out of it and such as it was for me, although I never use it anymore and I don't ever want a renewed need to do so. I don't need to hook up and I now have a healthy number of faerie friends who keep me sane and grounded. I now look back with nothing but fond memories and a genuine appreciation that I belong to the internet generation.

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paci said...

..and i just deleted mine. heehee. =)

red the mod said...

I agree. It really is, primarily, a hook-up site. Which is why my tenure never lasted. Well, given that I am generally uncomfortable with brazen demonstrations of sexuality.

Oo, ako ng virginal. Hehe.

Désolé Boy said...

"If I had a choice, I wouldn't be gay. But we can choose what kind of gay guy we'd be and I choose to live as a secretly homosexual masculine guy."

-well said sir!

PILYO said...

take care of your sidekick the way he takes care of you.

you see, every piece of occurrence from g4m to wensha to encantadia are meant to interrelate with each other for a perfect reason.

honestly, i'm happy for you... and yes you made me happy for making him happy. You know what i mean.

Di ba August last year nang makainuman mo ang mga engkanto? Now you're officially part of us. Pati si K, request ni Bianca gawin na rin daw engkanto hahahahah.

Miss ko na kayo ng sidekick mo. Tagay tau next week.


soltero said...

wow..had i seen ur profile i would have made kulit sa yo ahhaa..ASTIG and profile!

kaso sa G4M lang ako nangulit dati, nung naging Planet Romeo na i stopped.

imsonotconio said...


Eternal Wanderer... said...

of course, you do know that the band of brothers were once stalwarts of g4m chat, right?

the engks naman were forum people.

- relayed by ms. minchin, history teacher

maginoongbulakenyo said...

i also deleted my PR account a couple of months ago, but honestly this site help me to discover who really I am.

Ex Jason said...

I always had an aversion towards lgbt social networking sites. (Wait, is PR a social networking site or just a hookup site?) It looked to me like everyone was selling himself for sex, and I didn't want to be treated as a commodity. But I have been hearing stories like yours lately and they are starting to make me reconsider.

Mu[g]en said...

We all have our time in such website. My first incarnation lasted for years. The second one ceased to exist in less than a month. :)

Johnny Cursive said...

@ paci: Oh hey I bet you found someone you really really like :P

@ red: Hahaha! Oh hey we were just talking about how you write and comment and how they could come out serious but you cracked me up today :D

@ desole: Hehe thanks mehn :)

@ pilyo: oh and bigger thanks mehn :P so enkanto na pala ko? Ang katawang lupa ko ay nahaluan na ng dugong bughaw? Ashteg! Well mahiyain pa rin si K so kelangan nyo pang bastusin pa nang bastusin. Hahaha. Wala ka last week eh, tumagay kami at ang kulet na naman si jc bunso as usual =D

@ soltero: I could imagine you na makulet haha. i wonder kung san ka na nangungulet ngyon lols

@ imsonotconio: introspection ba yun? hehe

@ Ternie: Oh yeah onga! Mga chatroom baklitas nga pala kayo hehehe! Di kasi ako nagchchatroom dati eh. Feeling ko kse parang clique-ish tapos kayo pala yun. LOL

@ maginoo: yeah, it allows for so many possibilities and new freedoms for people like us :)

@ ex jason: there's good stuff too if you're willing to look through all that smut there =P

wanderingcommuter said...

never really had one. but i enjoyed browsing them whenever a friend let me check his account. i almost died laughing just reading people's profile and shout outs!

probably write something about it too soon... kapag di na busy!

john stanley said...

'di ako maka-relate sa topic dito.

Knoxxy said...

had an account there once. di sikat yan dito sa States sadly.