Too Gay (?) #1: White Shoes, White belt

To pull this off while trying to look and act straight is a lot of work. My sidekick says it's a giveaway. The baklameter goes badingdingdingding!

Discretion doesn't always come easy and item #1 makes it harder to look straight.

Nothing wrong with it -- props to those who can werk it.

12 coumouents:

soltero said...

yes yes, white belt alone screams gay eheheh :P

Mu[g]en said...

Well if he is doing mud wrestling with a fatso, maybe I could manually turn off my Baklameter. Lolz.

rudeboy said...

I'll dissent and say that on that particular model, the white-belt-white-shoes combo doesn't necessarily scream "gay."

On most anyone else, we-e-e-l-l-l...maybe all they'd need is a neon sign flashing "I'm Queer, Dear" to complete the ensemble.

Still, I say: 'tis not the clothes that make the man. 'Tis the man that makes himself.

soltero said...

altho i concur with rudie that the white belt did not make Tyson Ballou look gay ehehe (ok it depends on who wears it, pag mukhang astig, carry nya)

jace said...

I think it's the attitude that one wears that will make him seem "too gay".

Boying Opaw said...

ano nga yung commercial dati na may linyang, "sa pagdadala lang yan"?

Johnny Cursive said...

rudie, soltero: Tyson Ballou could wear anything. That bastard.

Mugen: but ur baklameter is always cranked up!

jace, boying: korek! Meron lang talagang mahirap dalhin, and props to those who can ;-) hindi ba kiwi shoe shine ung commercial na un?

Ronnie said...

LOL @ Badingdingdingding.

If Derek Ramsay would wear this, there's no "gayness" seen in the outfit. But when Piolo Pascual donned this ensemble, that's another story. Haha.

Basta ang mahalaga: Wear clothes that reflect you. Perieeed!

(Sometimes, I'm puzzled with John Lloyd's outfit)

imsonotconio said...

hey i have white shoes ah! hehehe!

Johnny Cursive said...

ronnie: yeah john lloyd perplexes me too. haha. i was never a fan.

imnotsoconio: oh hey, every guy needs white shoes. It's when it's paired with a white belt that it raises my sidekick's eyebrow :P

Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

keri ito pag kilalang hetero ang nagsusuot o kaya yung hindi masyadong pinaghihinalaan.

pagsuotin mo nito si Piolo atsaka si John Lloyd, sige, sino ang pagiisipan nyo? hehehe

ayoko nung polo sa picture, parang scrub suit ng mga yaya. hehehe

Lasherations said...

I like this look. Gay or not, it boils down to how one works it!

Yep, you betta werq it!