Guy picks up Johnny Cursive Twice

K is a really good illustrator friend of mine and I treat him like a brother but I call him ninang. He helped unravel me from my cocoon and showed me how to flap my purple faerie wings. We’ve shared a lot together in the 2 years I’ve known him including halftone methods in Photoshop, hangovers, and bottom boys. We also share the fact that we’re both very closeted. It’s a claustrophobic closet vaulted by paranoia and it’s also very pink.
So ninang texted me that he saw some dude that I mentioned to him a few months ago:
“Pare nakita ko si Dave (not the real name), ung nakaseks mo dati. Yung kalbo sa Facebook mo. Hanep ang angas kung makatingin kala mo stret.”
“I-sexy time mo na  ninang. Bottom yan pero di ko tinusok. Isang kalabit lang yang lecheng yan.
My first encounter with Dave was in a coffee shop outside Gateway Mall. He was a good-looking skinhead guy with a tan fresh from wakeboarding. He also looked like my Cosmo bachelor straight katropa from college. I was busy with my cookie and milk when he approached me. An hour later, we were getting frisky under the sheets in Cubao. We exchanged numbers but that was the last we’ve heard of each other.
A month after that, I was eating somewhere in Ayala with two colleagues when I saw Dave eating alone a couple of tables away, looking all smug and with a generous smattering of angas. He was looking at me when I saw him and he wouldn’t avert his eyes, so I nodded my head in acknowledgement. Because I was with officemates, I didn’t approach him even after he gestured for me to come. I just texted him after I left the place.
                “Dave chong! si Johnny to, lagkit mo makatingin kanina ah. Musta na?”
                “Johnny who? Are you the guy kanina? Have we met before?”
                “Yeah, in Gateway.”
                “Did we have sex?”
I can arrive at 3 conclusions:
1)      Dave is a big slut with a bigger case of the fugue.
2)      I am a forgettable lay.
3)      I am capable of catching some guy’s attention and I am a forgettable lay.
Getting (almost) picked up twice by the same guy left me bamboozled beyond belief. Whether I should’ve felt stoked or cock-slapped in the face was beyond me.

4 coumouents:

citybuoy said...

i choose the first option. and if it's true, perhaps it's time to get tested. haha or... maybe (just maybe) he felt rejected when you didn't sit with him and that was his way of getting back at you.

Herbs D. said...

i go for 3. hahaha. its usually the case with bottoms who dont remember people they've already slept with. Trust me, I should know LOL

LOL @ Borat reference. &&& its great to find another artist around here :)


maraming salamat sa pagdalaw at pagsubaybay.

iurico said...

hahaha - you've an interesting blog here.