Johnny Cursive misses the Kanto Gym

I cannot even begin to be nice to people in my gym now in fear of it being misconstrued as a pick-up attempt.

I have a neighborhood kanto gym that I used to frequent. It’s on the penthouse of a mid-rise condominium owned by our vice-mayor. Incidentally, this condominium is pink so I refer to it as the pink gym. I only go there on rare occasions when I’m pressed for time and I need to lift iron. What I miss most in that gym is the fact that it is a gym that does only what it’s supposed to do – help me in my journey of trying to look good naked. I could wear raggedy shirts and frayed shorts while kidding around with strangers. The boys are friendlier and all conversations do not have a trace of come-ons. It’s a good mix of members – awkward and lanky high school kids, blue-collar workers, bouncers, cute guys and the occasional female. People in my kanto gym openly talk to everyone about workout routines or the latest video scandals. Laughter is common and welcome.

I don’t get that in FF. I can’t ask about workout routines without sounding sexually interested no matter how deep and manly I register my voice. When I tried to be nice and open to casual conversation, either the dude responded with one-liner answers that would prevent any further dialogue, or mistook it for some sort of signal. I’ve been a member for a year now and I haven’t even met a gym buddy. The nearest to a gym buddy was with a trainer from a platinum branch who used to work at a hardcore bakal gym. Mas masaya rin para sa kanya magbuhat sa hardcore.

The branches I frequent are Megamall, Robinson’s Summit and The Fort Strip. Overall, I’m getting most comfortable in The Fort. The members don’t really look at me and probably it’s because there are lots of hotter guys, or majority of the members are straight. Plus the celebrities will always get the attention from both straight and gay boys. In Robinson’s Summit I cannot help but feel like I’m being sized up or debated if I’m a member of gaydom. In The Fort Strip, I could unwind in the sauna in peace; in Megamall or Robinson’s Summit steam rooms, other guys look at your crotch area without even trying to hide the act. That’s just my experience.

Naughty gym encounters aren’t really for me, now that I’ve got a boo and even when I was still single. Finding sex in the gym feels like desecration for some of the more conservative guys and that includes me. Johnny Cursive has quite a few very conservative sensibilities. That’s why I miss my dear old pink gym where all the straight and straight-ish boys are. If only the dumbbells were not so rusty.

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Galen said...

The day I rejected the advance of a beef cake guy is the day I cemented my views about doing trippings inside the gym.

We are on the same page dude.

rudeboy said...

Cursive, we have the same sentiments exactly, and I love how you describe the kanto gym and its members versus the tonier fitness clubs and their denizens to a T. It's just so spot-on.

The kanto gyms are no-nonsense and unpretentious. They are what they are: places where you pump and sweat as you transform your body into the shape you desire.

FF and its ilk, on the other hand, wellllll...

Herbs D. said...

i started working out on a kanto-gym outside my village a year ago and yes, they are more better to talk to.

didnt really went through the whole imma-be-buff-routine. just needed to lose some weight after xmas. wahahaha

and btw, your blog was kinda inactivated a few hours ago and i was like "ZOMG! no more Johnny Cursive!"

welcome back!

Johnny Cursive said...

hey Herb, yeah I was aghast when I couldn't access my blog. I thought maybe FF tried to close it down (yeah right). Good thing twas just a glitch.

jamie da vinci! said...

i LOVE my kanto gym. the people i see there are almost like family. and our equipment, though not as hi-tech as FF or golds, can still kick their assess as far as results go! :)

citybuoy said...

i had a mini panic attack when your blog closed down yesterday. note to self: must stop being so entertained by johnny cursive. haha

Anonymous said...

wag sa FF..maraming negative sa gym na yan sabi d2.