Hung and Over

I was nursing a pretty awful hang over today. Sidekick said that he didn't like to drink too much because the following day becomes rendered useless. And I agree -- the better part of the day was spent sleeping and drooling and eating and drooling.

Bitch in a bottle
Culprit: Gran Matador Brandy at the Enkanto Inuman. Oh that motherfucking bitch in a bottle. The last time I drank brown liquor (Fundador) was in College, and it almost got me drowning in the pool. I so haven't figured out how to drink the shit properly. Next time I'll stick to beer, tequila and gin. And wine when it just has to be fancy. No more rhum, brandy or whisky lest I perish.

It could have been the ice cream that got everyone drunk.
It was Saturday night. We all met up at Pilyo's and the booze and food were brought out; at the back of my mind an ominous soundtrack started to play as I learned that brandy was the poison for that night. The mental soundtrack was a Tan dan dan dan in a rumbling reverberating bass under creepy broken chords, like in an early 80's thriller. Except this was 2010 and I was probably overreacting.

The first hour was spent in silent drinking akin to a prayer meeting over booze, and once everyone got warmed up it became jovial all around. Until someone had the idea of buying ice cream, and then the drunk boys got creative. In a span of 5 seconds I had a chunk of ice cream south of my navel on the fuzzy areas near where the sun don't shine. Then it was cleanly licked off to perfection before I even got the chance to realize what was going on. At least 5 nipples were ice creamed, including sidekick's; thank goodness mine own titties were spared. I guess that's how you bond with ice cream. It was so much fun but we all should not make a habit out of it. I mean, ice cream is expensive and it's pretty darn sticky!

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red the mod said...

Kabog ang Malate. Saan ka pa? Haha.

Ronnie said...

Oh yeah, couldn't agree more -- Gran Matador is a bitch!!!

First time kong ininom 'to nung college pa ako. After nun, I promise to myself that I won't drink GranMa ulit. Sakit sa ulo.

Mu[g]en said...
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Mu[g]en said...

No wonder you were starry eyed and all smiles when I was stroking your head. I could have exclaimed to your sidekick, "look oh! he's a puppy! Awwww." Lol.

I agree, Ice Cream should be banned. Lol

Eternal Wanderer... said...

weeeeeell, how HUNG are you?


Désolé Boy said...

i'll keep that ice cream idea in mind.

soltero said...

@ Mugen : which head were you stroking? bwahahhaa :P

Mu[g]en said...

Soltero: If its the other head, his sidekick aka my utol will hit me with a bottle of Red Horse. Matutuwa lalo si Shalala pag nagkataon. Wahaha.

kris said...

whatta kinky idea. :D

Johnny Cursive said...

@ red: kabog talaga haha

@ ronnie: uu wag na.. ewan ko ba kung baket hiyang na hiyang si Pilyo dun sa granma

@ Mugen: I actually don't remember any of my heads getting stroked that night. I was drunk like that

@ ternie: Ample. ask mo si sidekick. Lol.

@ desole: let me know when you use the idea :P

@ soltero: I wish I can remember!

@ kris: it's a messy idea :P

PILYO said...

it's not the matador brandy a culprit. It's the ice cream, hahahahahahahahah.

biglang nag-leak ang nipples licking hahahaha. Sabi namin kay shalala ilihim na lang yun. Tapos dito pala na-broadcast hahahahah

Johnny Cursive said...

@ Pilyo:

Ay wala akong sinabing may nipple licking ha. Sabi ko lang nalagyan ng ice cream ang mga dodo :P

Tska nasabihan ba si shalala nun? la ko naaalala eh hahaha.

Mike said...

haha. ang kinky lang!