Zombiosis and How I know Im Gay #2

A couple of days ago, sidekick and I went to visit our friend K at his pad in QC. He's lives alone, doesn't own a TV but he does have a 24" Mac where movies look fab. He showed us his nifty purchase of a bootleg DVD of Final Destination 5 (or was that 4) in 3D, complete with 3D glasses. I got to watch graphic decapitation scenes in 3D and boy was it laugh-out-loud gross.

That's what I do -- if I watch something extremely violent and graphic, like the slow mutilation of a human toe with the help of pliers (a scene from the movie, "Hostel") I laugh really hard. I refuse to believe that I do it out of sheer joy but as a way of coping. My high school English teacher said that it was inconsistency and novelty that made something funny and amusing. Like a friend who slips in a puddle is funny because it was inconsistent from his normal walking. And decapitation by flying car wheel is pretty novel, eliciting a laugh reflex from me. Laughter is better than terror, definitely.

You'll be America's Next Top Model. After I eat your brains
Then we watched 28 Weeks Later. It was dope and violent too. Zombies that can run really fast is fucking scary, man. My inner fag was screaming its way out in between bouts of laughter and curses. Oh wow it becomes even worse in the moviehouse.

How I know I'm Gay #2:

I tried to sketch a creepy zombie.
My zombie turned out looking like Tyra Banks complete with the big forehead; I had to give her a widow's peak so it didn't look too much like her. I was like, "What the hell is Tyra doing on my zombie sketch?!" When you try to sketch a zombie and it turns out looking like Tyra, you know you're a fag.

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red the mod said...

Hostel was so much fun. I actually got teary-eyed from laughing. I thoroughly enjoy morbid horror flicks. The gorier, more morbid, and psychological, the better.

You should watch Drag Me to Hell. :)

soltero said...

love watching Hostel, Saw, etc...i particularly like the retribution scene where they ran their car over the bastards in Hostel..and oh, I will strangle you if you're in the cinema with me if you start laughing at those scenes ehehe :P

wanderingcommuter said...

hahahaha... the stress on the nose bridge and full lips are also my signatures in drawing. guess you're not alone! hahaha

imsonotconio said...

lol on the drawing nice!!!!

Ronnie said...

Ang fierce ng zombie, haha.

Whenever I think of the movie Hostel, I remember the 'flowing pus' scene. =D

Eternal Wanderer... said...

in fairness, very trannie zombie ang arrive! lolz

paci said...

sana may version ng pvz na ganyan ang looks nung zombies! hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

living alone lang pala si K... hmmmm.... hehehehe

Momel said...

Laughing, terror, same banana, same dope trip that gets us all creative. And, for us bloggers, productive. Look, you just blogged about it.

You and your friends should watch 120 Days of Sodom and get ready to be freaked out in the most unprecedented, sodomozing way ever.

Thanks for adding me to your roll. I'll make sure to return the favor. Cheers, Johnny Cursive!

Momel said...

Sodomizing. It should be sodomizing. That typo's retarded. And it should be "pederastic." There.

Cheers again.

Ex Jason said...

120 days of Sodom left me scarred for life.

kelangan ko lang sabihin. lol.