Introducing Sebastian: Johnny gets his Pussy

Let me introduce my new baby: Sebastian Petrovsky. My mom finds the name a mouthful so she calls him Chivas. Sidekick calls him Bingles. Kitty thankfully doesn't get all too confused with all his names.

It's my sweetest little monster. Lilac lynx-point himalayan kitty @ 3 months old

It's about time; I've been trying to get one since March 2010. I couldn't though, because I was then set to go on a month-long Irish trip, then after that my dachshund got impregnated by my neighbor's schnauzer and a new puppy meant that there wasn't any room for a cat anymore.

I love animals. Ako na. Ako na si Tarzan. Ako na si Jane.
Mga Sampung beses ko rin napagparausan to nung
bagets pa ko.
But in our province, on the day before New Year, my mom killed my puppy by accident. She forgot that the little thing just had his shots and musn't be bathed for a week. She asked someone to give puppy a shower to take the stink out and it spelled death for the little one. Devastated, I headed back to Manila to spend New Year's day with sidekick instead.

My mom got guilty but I didn't blame her. She gave me the go-signal to get a cat, especially after a little mouse freaked her out the week before (Actually ako ata ung na-freak out, kaderder naman kasi). I spent a week looking for the right kitty and my sidekick helped drive me around manila to get the feline and his supplies.

My good friend K saw a picture and Sebastian at nainggit sya, bibilihin na raw nya ung kapatid nung pusa. Ewan ko, feeling ko felines just have a natural affinity to faeries.

9 coumouents:

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i hate pussies.



Mu[g]en said...

I want to have a black cat. :P

Sean said...

Like ternie i also dont like pussies  would gladly take in one of the azkals though

Johnny Cursive said...

@Mugen: Black panther ok lang syo? hehehehe

@Sean, Ternie: An old irish proverb says, "Beware of people who dislike cats." Wakekeke :P

Momel said...

Ahaha, what a darling little devil! Tell us more about the personality that came with that lovely bundle of fur!

john stanley said...

di ba cats are an old maid's bestfriend?

Desperate Houseboy said...

i like your pussy. can i touch it? hehe. very cute:)

Johnny Cursive said...

@ Momel: Sebastian is very sweet when he's in the mood, otherwise he's just contemplating his steps in conquering the world :)

@ John Stanley: Hindi kaya! my old cat was best friends with my dog. And cats can be a young faerie's bestfriend too :P

@ Desperate: if he lets you and I'm sure he will! He's super lambing :)

wanderingcommuter said...

hongkyut naman!!!

buti na lang wala kayong hika! hehehehe