The Destiny's Child Connection

Shalala descended from Andre Leon Talley, the most influential
man in fashion, and Jay-Z, hip-hop music mogul. I'll bet my
appendix on it.
 I've always known that anyone as effervescent as Shalala could have only descended from royalty.
I am so loving Shalala; I hope he can introduce me to Beyonce to complete my quest of shaking hands with all of Destiny's Child. And yes it includes all the other forgotten members that were left in the gutters.

The best seats in the house HANDS DOWN!

I've already completed part of this quest by shaking hands with lady Kelly Rowland a couple of weeks ago at the Supa Fest concert! Scored Gold tickets thanks to my sidekick that got upgraded to VIP seats thanks to my best friend Adren. And then got 2 backstage passes thanks to sidekick's friend! My girl best friend Martha and I were brought backstage to meet Kelly Rowland and I was star struck to the point of paralysis. At that moment I think I've forgotten how to blink.

Kelly Rowland was stunninGG. Still haven't received my pictures from the official photog tho. Eeeek! I hope Shalala can introduce me to his stepmomma Beyonce one day.

5 coumouents:

Cio said...

Johnny Cursive,

Jay-Z raps maangas, & Kelly when singing, is sexy. They would make awesome collaboration. You think, Johnny cursive?


Momel said...

I guess it works differently for some, but there's nothing like it until you've recovered from the deer-staring-at-headlights effect. And what's with the Shalala attachment?

Cheers Johnny Cursive!

PILYO said...

weh kaya pala di namin kayo makita sa aparatu, may pinuntahan pala kayo.

Ooops, pasama kapag imi-meet nyo si Shalala, i mean sa tunay na shalala! hehehe.

imsonotconio said...

i want to see the pic with kelly rowland?

nice b cya?

Johnny Cursive said...

@cio: it's quite possible that they'd collaborated already on some obscure track. Gotta research :D but yeah they'd make fiiiine music. I'm loving how kelly's beats are in between fag and hood music :P

@Momel: Hey you know what, I'll most likely get the exact same effect when I meet the mistress of the universe herself, J-zafra. She's got swag like kelly :P

@Pilyo: Naku oo, andun kami ni sidekick sa audience tapat mismo ng stage at kita ko halos ang kipay ni ateh kelly. Late na natapos, di na kami nakahabol sa aparatu. I'm still trying to stalk Shalala pero I still havent found a way of getting a hold of him :)

@ notconio: Ako rin I wanna see the photos! D pa ko nakakuha ng kopya! Nice si kelly ang tangkad ha 5'11 ata in her 4-inch stilettos.