Fagulous (Too Gay?) # 4: Pointy Shoes + Super Skinny Jeans

It's the fabulous way to get bunions.
I did have a pair of slightly pointy shoes back when I was a teenager; I would probably attribute that to my naivety and not my gaiety. Ok maybe just a little bit. 

One thing I've never owned is a pair of jeggings. Those really tight, nut-killing pair of jeans. Pair the pointy shoes with these things and you get half the outfit of Kim Kardashian. Liam Gallagher of Oasis says: “I’m not into the skinny look and pointy shoes. They’re just not on - they’re for girls. I have never worn a pair of pointy shoes in my life and I never will. If you ever see me in a pair, drive over me. That and spray-on jeans”.

There a very small population of men that can pull this look off, i.e:

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Momel said...

Oh thank you Johnny Cursive for pointing this out. I hate those pointy shoes with the kind of white hot loathing one reserves for wife beaters and people who club baby seals on the head. I have nothing against what you called jeggings; I think they're kinky and provides useful estimation. But those pointed shoes? I see no other employment for such nonsense, except maybe in a human cockfight, literally, in which case these shoes will be the gaffs.

PILYO said...

papa johnny, ini-imagine ko pag nag-xmas party tau ganyan ang mga suot natin hahahahaha.

jc said...

ang skinny jeans pde ko pa siguro sikmurain. pero ang pointy shoes, paki-patay na lang ako please. hahaha!

Désolé Boy said...

hahaha!!! never for those pointy shoes..haha
skinny jeans? wag lang too skinny, kaya pa.

Jepoy Dee said...

nagskinny jeans ako at nagsuot ng pointed shoes before.

pero hindi ko sila pinagsabay ng isang suot. kasi jologs talaga. LOL

Johnny Cursive said...

@ Momel: I love how you hate it with a passion. And yeah, jeggings could be good on someone with excellent gams. I personally wouldn't have my bulge out in public :P

@ Pilyo: Pasaway ka! Felix bakat tayo lahat jan. Mahahalata kapag tinigasan ka :P

@ JC: Keri lang ung skinny jeans pero kung pati buto mo sa ankles eh bakat na, di na ok un! lol

@ Desole: tama. Ang skinny pag sinamahan mo ng pointy shoes nakaka-init ng ulo :P

@ Jepoy: ako rin may skinny jeans. Di ko maisuot kasi i feel slutty haha. Tska meron din ako matulis na sapatos from college pero hinahayaan ko na sya mangolekta ng alikabok :P

Mike said...

baka sabihan pa akong dwende pag nag-pointed shoes at naka-skinny jeans ako. haha.

i find both fashion weird. hehe

ahmer said...

i dont know, i dont like skinny jeans di bagay saken o wala maliit lang ng butt ko. haha

Johnny Cursive said...

@mike: uu baka tawagin kang baklang dwende :P

@ahmer: hahaha un ang problema sa skinny jeans, dapat sakto lang. can't have too little ass and you can't have too much junk in the trunk :P

Herbs D. said...

Fck you all! Hahahha just bought myself some skinnies and pointy shoes. And yes, this Mofo can make that shit work