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Neverwhere was really good. It's dark and imaginative. Nothing says verisimilitude more than a book that stimulates even your sense of smell through hundreds of pages.

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I'm hoping this is good.

I picked it out at random from the shelves of Powerbooks and read the reviews at the back. It seemed like a good book; I'm taking chances at this one.

I'm half expecting Shadowmarch to be similar to David Eddings' Belgariad and Malloreon but I'm hoping it would be better. After a couple modern fantasy Gaimans, I'm craving for high fantasy already.

The Belgariad and Malloreon quintets are a classic; but frankly, they are not excellent. I'm sure if I've read them when I was a teenager I would have enjoyed it more. There's just not enough cussing and sex and gore in all of these 10 books.

Joe Abercrombie's "The First Law" Trilogy serves up enough fantasy and dirt that when you flip the pages really fast, you'll smell blood sweat and sex. Loved it.

There's more blood and sex and magic in Book 1 of this trio than what's good for you but the excess is exquisite.

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jc said...

interesting reads.

if i get a hold of The First Law books, i'll definitely flip the pages real fast and find out if i'd smell blood, sweat and sex. hahaha!

red the mod said...

Tolkien and Racquelaure, too.

Will you lend me the First Law Trilogy if you have it? Pretty please. :)

Johnny Cursive said...

@ JC: Do that! Ang astig ng first law trilogy. Napapa-wince ako lagi sa trilogy na to.

@ Red: The first book is with my cousin, so I only have books 2 and 3 right now. Hey if I lend you the trio, will you lend me some racquelaures? :D

red the mod said...

Of course! I can lend you the whole Racquelaure trilogy. I'm guessing you've already read Tolkien? I've also got some fantasy stuff you might be interested in. If there are two genres I love to read its the fantastic (speculative) and absurd (dark and psychological). If you're also into dead languages and cryptic, I have a selection. :)

Johnny Cursive said...

@Red: Lol @ dead languages and cryptic. Yun ang totoong nosebleed :P

Mike said...

Are you done already with Neverwhere?
Anansi boys is good, I just started reading last night and I'm almost half on it.

red the mod said...

Kaya nga para lang akong may ka-buwanan. Everytime I finish one per month, the bleeding is, well, generous. Haha.

Johnny Cursive said...

@Mike: Yeah! Done na ko with Neverwhere. Ahlavet :P

@Red: Eeew. Haha =P

Mike said...

ibenta mo na or ipahiram sa akin yan! haha

Johnny Cursive said...

@mike: trade sa anansi boys pagkatapos mo :P

Cio said...


I'm also into books thou not same genre you read. Syjuco's novel is fantastic.


Johnny Cursive said...


Is that the Illustrado novel? I've heard about that! It's in my to-read list; ganda nga daw yan

AJ said...


Sorry, just passed by.

I was so hooked with Eddings I read half of Belgariad and whole of Malloreon in my N70. I also love the Redemption of Althalus. All thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to their works.

Its nice to meet other peeps who like them.