Little Red Riding Horses

I went home early Friday night after watching Aussy-sounding owls in Greenbelt where there were at least a couple of hundred faeries that came in pairs. Sidekick and I were still ridiculously trying to be discreet so we walked around the mall a few feet apart and one of us was in front of the other. I even left the movie house first because I needed to pee, though it served as excellent cover. I went home immediately after the film.

As I was walking 4 blocks away from my house, I was held up for a few beers with the neighbors—a mix of swarthy swashbucklers, good-looking boys that required no effort being that way, lanky nerdy types and three chicks. Most of them I’ve known since childhood. They were talking about basketball when one of them pulled me into the kanto inuman.

We drank 12 grandes and 4 regular bottles of Red Horse. It was a magnificent hangover.
It’s been a couple of months since the last time I drank with the straight people from the neighborhood. Thank goodness I could speak kanto very fluently. One girl was reprimanding her straight brother for being such a wimp, calling him effeminate. And she called another guy effeminate for not being as tough as the rest of the guys in the group. Thank goodfuckness she didn’t put me in that category or baka nasabunutan ko sya ng bongga. That girl had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

It’s really fun and quite humbling—drinking sa kanto under the stars and lowering your voices when the tanod comes patrolling past you. It was great to talk about topics that weren’t very deep or intellectual but reached you deep enough anyway because you were creating and rekindling connections beyond what’s spoken. The fact that I was a closet case in a sea of people that I'm sure as hell were straight was a non-factor. Everyone has closets. Mine just happens to be bonggang bonggang hot pink and I didn’t care what they hid in theirs. Of course that was until they started talking about cunnilingus which totally grossed me out. That was the only time that the conversation was fun for all the boys and girls except for me.

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Manech said...

Kantong inuman always reminds me of Los Banos, the drunken life I've had there for roughly a year.

Cheap alcohol, cheap talk, but I was with people I was most comfortable with, who I could talk to about almost anything. But of course, we didn't talk about cunnilingus. :)

PILYO said...
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PILYO said...

pare minsan inuman tayo habang nagto-tong-its dito sa may basketbolan malapit samin, sama mo sidekick mo. Safe pare kasi barangay tanod ang may-ari ng tindahan.

(pare sensya na sumablay yung unang post kaya delete ko)

Mac Callister said...

never been to kanto inuman before and baka di ko keri yun malamang!

Momel said...

The most kanto I got when it comes to drinking was with these three barangay tanods. It was around five in the morning, and they asked me if I wanted one for the road. These guys were regulars in the pool hall, so I kind of am familiar with these people. Why not. They were straight, and smelled of overworked men, worked for security, and were ugly, too; I knew we will be both safe. We had one Gin Bilog and about 15 pieces of kalamansi. What we did was that we sieved the kalamansi for seeds as we squeezed the juice into the bottle. And it took us almost an hour to finish that infernal cocktail because we were trying to out-talk each other.

My vomit never smelled as bad as it did that morning.

rudeboy said...

I've missed the simple joys of drinking with the boys (and the occasional girl). Close to what Manech said, the conversation and the bonhomie tend to be...different.

As for talk about cunnilingus, well...anything that gets the guys sexually-excited can't be an altogether bad thing.