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American Gods was a good read. It's not epic, but it's very entertaining.

Right now I'm 30% into Neverwhere.

I'm glad I've been through Europe this year so it helps make the atmosphere of the story a lot more tangible. I haven't been through sewers and tunnels lately, however. A lot of the scenes happen in the dark but it's only compelling me to create vivid imaginations within vivid imaginations.


Book 2 of the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss comes out March 2011! This is what excites me more than anything. The only reason why I've been reading so much for the past couple of years is because that's how long it's taking for book 2 to come out. The first book I've read out of leisure is Name Of The Wind back in 2009. It was the best book I've read thus far; I found it better than Harry Potter and other books of the epic fantasy genre. I daresay it's a lot better than Neil Gaiman's Stardust. Because I was left starving for the 2nd book that's taking forever to come out, I had to feed myself with Gaimans, Abercrombies, Eddings, Martins and their metaphorical beer buddies. Name Of The Wind is the best book I could recommend anyone.

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Mike said...

i guess you're a fan too of Neil Geiman. I just started his Anansi Boys.

red the mod said...
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red the mod said...

So did you find the scene I told you about in American Gods?

I particularly liked the twist in Neverwhere. Its a neogothic/ noir take on the conspiracy theory theme. Delectably dark. :)

Johnny Cursive said...

Mike: yeah I've been told that Anansi Boys is a good read. That book is in my back burner. Sell me the book if you're done with it! hehe

Red: Yes I have seen the graphically frisky gay scene you were talking about. It was rad :P

Momel said...

Thanks for the recommendations! We all could use one and save ourselves the trouble of aimlessly wandering through all those shelves. Oh wait, some of them are there to cruise.

Cheers you!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

after reading neverwhere, i made sure i minded the gap when i was taking the tube in london :P

Mike said...

hmm how about we trading your Neverwhere with my Anansi Boys? hehe!

Johnny Cursive said...

@Momel: Kahit kelan di ako nakakita ng nagccruise sa sci-fi fantasy section ng bookstore. I find myself always alone in this section :P or with some girl in glasses.

@Ternie: Shumoot na ung paa ko sa gap dito sa MRT naten. Dito tayo kailangan mag-mind the gap

@Mike: SIGE!!! Pero matatagalan pa bago ko siguro matapos ung neverwhere pero SIGE!!! :D

Mike said...

hey i'm finally done with my Anansi boys. Whew, it took me 4 months to finish it. haha! where should i send it?